Why is my transmission slipping?

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Why is my transmission slipping?

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Why is my transmission slipping?

Asked by Ryan Howard on Monday, September 19 2016 for a 2006 GMC Savana 3500 V8-6.0L

I have an automatic 2006 GMC Sierra and the transmission just began slipping this morning. I have had the car for almost a year now and I use it quite often. Is there a quick fix to this or what needs to get done for this to be fixed. Thank you!

Transmission slipping
Transmission problems


Your transmission may be slipping for a variety of reasons. Most common causes of transmission issues are: 1) Low oil pressure, possibly from a faulty pump 2) Low or poor fluid condition 3) Worn or broken transmission bands 4) Clutch problems 5) Worn out gears 6) Faulty Solenoids 7) Torque Converter 8) Hydraulic Pump Many internally worn components in your transmission may cause them to actually slip when they are trying to change gear. This can cause erratic shifting, or allow your engine to over rev as it changes gears. Low fluid pressure may be due to a bad fluid pump, clogged transmission filters or a low transmission fluid level. I recommend checking your transmission fluid level before doing anything else. Always refer to your owners manual for the proper procedure prior to checking any fluid levels your vehicle. On many vehicles you can check your transmission fluid level through a dip stick in your engine bay. Your transmission dip stick will look a lot like your oil dipstick but should be marked as “TRANS” or be red/orange in colour. If your transmission fluid is low you should top it off with the manufacturer’s recommended type of transmission fluid. Also, if your low transmission fluid level is low, this is usually due to a leak which should be fixed before you lose any more transmission fluid. If the fluid level is ok, then in order to accurately provide you with a solution, one of our certified Fiix technicians will be pleased to come to you and accurately diagnose these issues.

Andrew Tennina - Automotive Technician