My tire pressure warning light comes on regularly

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My tire pressure warning light comes on regularly

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My tire pressure warning light comes on regularly

Asked by Faisal Khan on Thursday, October 6 2016 for a 2004 Toyota Sienna V6-3.3L

The last 3-4 days, my tire pressure warning light comes on. It seems as though my rear right tire is the problem, because the pressure is always low. After filling the tire with air it turns off. However, the next day after driving for 5-10 minutes, the warning light returns. Can you please tell me, what could be the reason for my tire losing air? Also, how much would it cost to repair it, if the tire has a crack or a hole? Thank you. Regards Faisal

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Seems you definitely have air loss from at least one of your tires, particularly from the right rear tire as you constantly need to adjust the pressure. It could be a few things: 1) a punctured or cracked tire 2) leaking valve stem 3) cracked rim 4) tire bead leaking around the rim. Due to the frequent top ups and the tire pressure warning light returning immediately the next day, it's a definite sign that you have a fast leak. I would recommend having one of our technicians inspect all your tires and rims for leaks as soon as possible. A depleted tire can cause further tire or rim damage and also cause you to lose control due to a blow out. You can book an appointment here ( or please give us a call at 647-361-4449 and we will have one of our Fiix technicians come out to you as soon as possible.

Andrew Tennina - Automotive Technician