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Reviews From Our Honda Customers

Professional Services And Excellent Experience


Just used the service today. I must tell you, the experience was excellent and services were professional. Everything on time and as promised, totally free first use. I will use their services again. Good work folks !

honda mechanic

Alternator Replacement for a 2004 Honda CR-V

Mississauga, Ontario

Couldn't Have Asked For Better!


Couldn't have asked for a better service. I needed my car's battery replaced ASAP and when I contacted Fiix via Facebook Messenger (they host a page you can talk to), they immediately replied with instructions on how to set up an appointment, and they even offered to perform the replacement on the same day!! They were super flexible on the time and I was able to book a 7pm appointment (note that this is probably impossible at an auto repair shop). The mechanic arrived at my house exactly by 7pm and the service was phenomenal. Not only did he replace the car battery so quickly, but he also performed other checks on the car to ensure that other things look good. And the final price we paid was even cheaper than we would have paid at an auto repair shop! The convenience of receiving the service anywhere you want at any time you want is actually the best thing ever. Looking forward to using Fiix for future car needs!

honda mechanic

Battery replacement for a 2005 Honda CR-V

Oakville, Ontario

Absolutely Fantastic Service!


This is a fantastic service. I was just thinking how much of a hassle it is to put the tires in your car and wait for the mechanic. These guys take do it on your driveway and the mechanic was friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely highly recommend these guys.

honda mechanic

Car is not starting inspection for a 2012 Honda Civic

Brampton, Ontario

Fiix Has Done It Again!


Fiix has done it again! I have had the opportunity and pleasure of calling on Fiix twice now. The first time was a basic tire change, while I was sitting on my couch! It doesn't get any better than that. The second time was for my brake pads and rotor replacement. Fiix is so convenient for a busy person like myself. I was making dinner while Jamel (my assigned mechanic) was Fiix(ing) my car! It was great, I was even asking questions (because I am curious like that) and Jamel was patient and very knowledgeable! To me, customer service starts even before you walk into the door of a store; its how you are treated from the start to finish of the transaction. At around 8pm (after work is most convenient, and yes they cater to that!) I got a call from Jamel letting me know hes on his way to my place to Fix my car, he asked me if I wanted him to bring me a coffee and gave me a time that he would be there. The quality of work really shows as well! Fiix used brand new parts that they opened in front of me, as opposed to other mechanics who do their work in the back so you don't know what they are using! I've had a very positive experience and I will continue to use them for all my car mechanic needs! Five Stars and Two Thumbs UP!

honda mechanic

Brake pads and rotors replacement (rear) for a 2012 Honda Civic

Markham, Ontario

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