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Water Pump Replacement At Your Office

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Water Pump Replacement
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How much does a Water Pump Replacement cost for your car?

The cost of a Water Pump Replacement depends on the type of car you drive.

At Fiix, our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have and can save you time and money simply by coming to your office or location to perform the service.

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CarLabour CostParts CostFiix Total CostDealership Price
2007 Honda Accord$550.00$134.33$684.33$844.26
2007 Buick Allure$220.00$169.49$389.49$487.01
2007 Mini Cooper$330.00$348.04$678.04$829.23
2005 Dodge Caravan$220.00$135.00$355.00$440.85
2003 Toyota Corolla$220.00$146.84$366.84$451.26
2007 Saab 9-5$275.00$110.74$385.74$499.88
2006 Hummer H3$275.00$137.35$412.35$515.06
2007 Hyundai Accent$385.00$181.91$566.91$692.32
2004 Ford Escape$165.00$106.27$271.27$326.72
2011 Hyundai Elantra$330.00$143.31$473.31$603.45
On average, you save 20% with Fiix.

Water Pump Replacement Cost, Service, And Parts Information

Water Pump Replacement

What Is A Water Pump?

The water pump is the driver of your cooling system, pushing coolant where it needs to go so your car can stay cool. Made of iron or aluminum, this pump needs to have a working pulley and drive belt to turn and do its job. Without it, your car will not be able to escape the heat.

Common Signs And Symptoms That You Need to Replace A Water Pump

  • Engine overheats
  • Coolant puddles noticed underneath car or in engine
  • Engine performs poorly
  • Check Engine Light is lit
  • Car will not start

How Important Is This Service?

Though the symptoms range in severity, there is one thing in common between all of them - you can’t drive while you have them. If you do, you will run the risk of your car breaking down in the middle of the road as it does not have the proper mechanisms in place to cool itself down. If you want to be saved from this situation, feel free to talk to one of our mechanics on standby right now and have them come by to repair your pump.

Engine (Under The Hood) repair

They are the best! Fiix is now my "go to mechanic".


They are the best! Fiix is now my "go to mechanic". Their prices are excellent, the quality of work A+++ and their mechanics are so polite & courteous. I'm never going to hang out at a noisy Gas Station again!

Cathie Boyd

Chevrolet mechanic

Water Pump Replacement, Heater Core Blockoff for a 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

Friday, August 4 2017

Scarborough, Ontario