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Valve Cover Gasket Replacement cost
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How much does a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement cost for your car?

The cost of a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement depends on the type of car you drive.

At Fiix, our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have and can save you time and money simply by coming to your home or office to perform the service.

CarLabour CostParts CostFiix Total CostDealership Price
2007 Mazda 3$110.00$46.34$156.34$193.49
2006 BMW 530i$495.00$109.08$604.08$769.92
2006 BMW 323i$550.00$67.87$617.87$768.96
2005 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG$440.00$36.01$476.01$577.82
2002 Hyundai Elantra$110.00$34.98$144.98$180.70
2003 Honda Civic$110.00$40.20$150.20$187.51
2007 Audi A4 Quattro$275.00$82.50$357.50$432.85
2003 Cadillac DeVille$495.00$198.15$693.15$885.97
On average, you save 20% with Fiix.

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Cost, Service, And Parts Information

What Is A Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

The valve cover is a metal cover that is found on the very top of the engine. It's attached to the engine by a gasket made of rubber or cork and it seals the top of the engine and prevents oil leaks. These covers are removable so the mechanic can access the valves for adjustment. Because of the high temperature of the engine, it is common for the valve cover gasket to get brittle and break. If the gasket is worn out, it will leak engine oil which will result in the top of the engine to be covered in oil. Since the engine is losing oil, running the car for too long without an inspection and repair can cause engine damage.

Signs That You Need A Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

  • Oil is leaking on the top of the engine and/or outside of the engine.
  • You can smell oil while running the car.
  • Oil is found in the spark plug wells.
  • There is oil and debris around the valve cover.

How Important Is This Service

If oil starts to leak on top of the engine and the valve cover becomes weak and brittle, it is very important to get it replaced. This is because if the engine is constantly losing oil, the engine can become damaged if you run the car for too long which in the long-term can be very costly and dangerous.

Notes About This Service

  • We will replace your faulty, old, valve cover with a new, high-quality valve cover.
  • We will test drive your car to ensure it is getting enough power.
  • A vehicle inspection is performed after the valve cover gasket replacement has been performed.

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Colin was friendly, polite, and explained everything perfectly.


Colin was friendly, polite, and explained everything perfectly. In and out in under 30 minutes. Brilliant!

Sean Patrick

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Friday, February 17 2017

Oakville, Ontario

Very Knowledgeable And Friendly


I had great service from Peter at Fiix on my Mini Cooper today. Peter arrived early and prepared. He was knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Peter and Fiix. They are definitely the Uber of Mechanics.

Jijesh Devan

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Great service, saved a ton of time!


Really great to have a mechanic do the winter tires right at the home. We have a small car so it would normally take 2 trips to bring the wheels to a garage to do. A real life saver. Thank you fiix.

Ted Girard

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Very good


Very good. knows what he is doing.

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Tuesday, August 2 2016

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Very courteous, customer focused, pleasant, and professional.


Richard arrived on time. Very courteous, customer focused, pleasant, and professional. Had the correct replacement part and specialized tools to get the job done efficiently and within the estimated time frame. He is licensed and he knows his stuff. I would highly recommend him going forward. First time using FIIX Mobile Auto Repair and the experience was worth recommending.


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